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Tuckpointing, Masonry and Chimney Repair and Maintenance

Do you want chimney repair in Schaumburg? Chimneys that need repairs are not every time apparent. A crumbling or leaning chimney requires instant response due to the impending danger. Some essential chimney issue is often overlooked but can be very dangerous, for example, chimney collapse.

Our company performs various chimney repairs throughout Schaumburg, including brick replacement, tuckpointing, chimney liners, and chimney flashing. We offer chimney repairs, restoration, and rebuilds. Having timely maintenance and inspections will, therefore, save you from the cost and task of rebuilding a full chimney. In instances where your chimney repair is not sufficient, we can also do a full or partial chimney rebuild.

Common Chimney hitches in Schaumburg

Masonry chimneys are prone to multiple problems, most of which can be lethal if not addressed. Many people in Schaumburg and other areas don't recognize the possible issues a poorly maintained chimney can present. Regular inspection and maintenance of chimney are of vital importance.

We offer chimney repair service in Schaumburg. If you want chimney repair in Schaumburg, we are here to assist with all-inclusive chimney repair services personalized to your chimney's distinctive requirements. Brick and mortar chimney repair is intended to repair deteriorated ricks, masonry cracks, and the chimney's damaged mortar.

Brick replacement and tuckpointing work may be widespread or localized. In either case, our teams cautiously match the materials to guarantee a cohesive chimney repair. Brick replacement and tuckpointing are not only essential for cosmetic purposes, but this kind of chimney repair also prevents more problems with your chimney.

Additional chimney repairs include chimney flashing and caps, crown repairs, and more. Our professional chimney repair team will inspect thoroughly to ensure you know its problems and the suitable measures to repair the chimney. We strive to make your chimney look better and perform its task appropriately. Contact us today for an estimate of the chimney repair.

Chimney Inspection

Creosote buildup -

Cracked chimney crowns -

Spalling brickwork -

Unwanted Animal Infestation -

Chimney (flue) linings fracture -

Chimney Cleaning

Getting rid of and disposing of flammable creosote -

Removal of any signs of animals living in your chimney -

Vacuum sweeping -

Chimney Repair

Install caps on your chimney -

Replace damper -

Replace or repair the flashing -

Replace chimney lining -

Waterproofing -

Tuckpointing -