Brick and Stone Chemical Cleaning in Schaumburg



Brick and stone cleaning is an integral part of your overall building management program. The cleaning process needs to be done correctly to avoid brick damage during the cleaning, or even afterwards. That's why you should consider hiring a professional brick and stone cleaning service in Schaumburg.

What Causes Discoloration of Brick and Stones

There're several causes of brick and stone discoloration. Knowing what causes the discoloration on your walls helps the cleaning technicians choose the right cleaning method and chemicals. Some of the most common causes of stone wall dirt include:

  • Harsh weather, especially dampness caused by humid conditions
  • Natural growths such as moss, fungi, plants, and weeds
  • Pollutants such as carbon deposits and traffic emissions
  • Wear and tear due to neglect

An increase in pollution levels, especially in the urban areas, has increased buildings' exposure to pollutants. As a result, many buildings have altered appearance and, in the worst-case scenario, damaged architecture.

Importance of Masonry Cleaning

When done as part of your routine building maintenance, professional cleaning prevents dirt accumulation on the walls of your home or commercial building. As a result, it improves the overall aesthetic appearance, hence creating a great first impression. During the cleaning phase, we mix the chemicals with warm water and then rinse it off to remove all grime. Following these steps helps restore the natural state of your bricks and stones.

Why You Should Work with Professional Masonry Cleaners

If in need of brick and stone chemical cleaning service in Schaumburg, make sure you hire professionals. Before we start the cleaning process, we carry out a thorough evaluation to determine the cause of dirt and the extent of staining. That way, we're able to determine the right chemicals to use.

When cleaning, we make sure we have the right chemical concentration to prevent damage to the underlying stone or leave stains. Besides, we always safeguard the surrounding stonework against cleaning chemicals.