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Lintel Repair Service in Schaumburg

When people view large structures like buildings, they do not often stop to think of what goes into keeping such constructions upright. In many instances, the items one does not see play a critical role in maintaining a building's aesthetic and structural integrity. One such product is known as a steel lintel.

Our company, which provides steel lintel repair service in Schaumburg and neighboring Illinois cities invites you to continue on for a discussion on steel lintels and the repair process.

Steel Lintel Overview

A lintel is a supporting beam placed over open spaces in a home or building. These structures execute the vital role of bearing the heavy burden often created by weighty building materials constructed above openings such as doors and windows.

In particular, steel lintels are typically inserted into brick walls surrounding a construction's windows, doors or other openings. Properly inserted lintels often preserve the structural well-being, aesthetic quality, and functioning capacity of window and door components.

The Steel Lintel Repair Process

As time progresses, exposure to excessive water concentrations, dirt, dust, and harsh weather events could weaken steel lintels or cause them to rust. Since these objects play an integral role in preserving several of a property's key features, proper maintenance and repair is crucial.

Construction industry professionals caution home and building proprietors that complete steel lintel removal and replacement is a complicated, time-consuming, and expensive undertaking. Therefore, adhering to the following maintenance practices is key:

Obtain Expert Inspection Every Few Years

Industry professionals maintain homeowners or building managers should hire a masonry expert to offer a thorough examination of said structures every two to three years.

Remediate Components Requiring Maintenance

Minor incidents of rusting and the accumulation of environmental debris can likely be scraped away, cleansed, and repainted using products containing rust inhibition properties.

Remove Old Caulking And Sealants

These products are employed to hold brick structures together and preserve their aesthetic quality. That said, when such materials age or incur damage, they can foster the deterioration of lintels and should promptly be replaced.